Terms & Conditions


The prices are determined in Euros! Accounting is also done in Euros. Prices indicated in Hungarian Forint or other currencies are approximate and only serve the aim of providing quick information on current exchange rates.

The price indicated next to the product is the net retail price. The final retail price will include VAT (the rate is currently 20% in Slovakia). The VAT will be charged in all cases!


Models and spare parts are generally no subjects to warranty, so the manufacturer’s guarantee is always authoritative. In the case of racing products most manufacturers do not provide guarantee, however it can occur that the purchased product has a production failure. It is very important that all new parts are checked by the user before installation. Decision over guarantee issues is always the task of the manufacturer. In these cases we do all we can to make sure our customers are compensated.

Delivery options

  • personally
  • by post

Payment options

  • cash (in case of personal delivery)
  • PayPal

Shipment prices

  • 6 Euro per package in case of shipping to EU countries
  • For non-EU countries shipment prices will be determined case-by-case, according to weight of package

Desisting from purchase

The customer can desist from purchase within 15 days after receiving the shipped product(s). In these cases the cost of resending the product(s) is paid by the customer. Microracing s.r.o. will re-transfer the retail price within 14 days after receiving the undamaged product(s). The basic requirement for re-transferring the retail price is that the product has to be in a saleable condition. Desisting from purchase is not possible for offline customers, or those online customers who received the product(s) via personal delivery.

Before re-sending any product, please ask us for the precise address. Collect packages will not be accepted in any cases!